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Will Power Generation Will Be Efficient on Cloudy & Rainy Days?

As Per Indian Climate We Got Around 300 Sunny Days By Which Doesn't Affect The Overall Energy Generation Per Year, But Under Heavy Rainfall The Efficiency Of Solar Panel Power Generation Is <20%.
NOTE: The Efficiency of Solar Panels Increases During Winter Season Due to Atmosphere Temperature

What Will The Maintenance Cost Of Solar Power System & Difficulties?

Solar Panels Are Easy to Maintain, When Dust Accumulates on Solar Panels Simply  Clean With A Wet Cloth Or Wash It With a Normal Pressure Hose Water (Do Not Pour Water Under Solar Panels)
Always Check for Water Levels in Battery

Do I Experience Any Kind of Electric Shock or Earth While Touching Solar Panels Or Mounting Structure?

No, With All Sockets & Terminals Enclosed And With Proper Earthing You Are Safe. However You Should Not Remove Any Terminals or Cut The Wire