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Maintenance Guide for Small – Medium Solar Power Plants (500wats – 10kw)

Small Power Plants Ranging from 500w – 10kW Can Be Easily Self Maintained And Doesn’t Require Huge Time And Cost.


Just Make Sure the Surface of The Panels Are Clean and Dust Free Because the Dust Affects the Power Generation Capacity. If Dust Accumulates Over Solar Panels Just Wash It with Plain Water Using a Flexible Hose or With Wet Cloth (You Can Also Use Mild Soap Water to Clean). Make Sure to Clean Only the Top Surface of The Panel with Water Do Not Attempt to Pour Water Under the Surface of The Panel Near the Terminals.


Today As the Technology Grows New Technology Like Lithium Ion, Flow Battery & SMF Batteries Doesn’t Need Any Maintenance but Some Conventional Lead Acid Batteries Should Be Checked Periodically for The Water Level to Ensure the Efficiency and Life of Battery.

There Will Be No Major Issues in Solar Power Plants While the Installation Is Done Perfect Without Any Lose Connections and Fittings If Problem Persists Regarding Electricals Contact Technical Persons to Rectify the Issues.

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