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Which One Is Best For Home - On Grid or Off Grid System ?

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

For Residential Properties We Would Recommend to Go for Off Grid Solar Power Systems, Because It Comes with Lot of Flexibility and You Don’t Need to Worry About Power Outage. You Can Also Connect All Your Household Appliances Like Ceiling Fan, Tube Light, Lamps, Led TVs, Inverter Fridges Less Than 350 Liters, Laptops Etc. However, We Would Not Recommend to Connect Water Pumps, Air Conditioner, Mixer, Power Tools & Anything That Comes with A Powerful Motor Because It Reduces the Life of Battery.

Also, The Off Grid System Can Power Your Home and Recharge the Battery Simultaneously When the Sun Is Shining & After the Sunset Battery Backup Is Used to Power the Appliances. During Power Outage the Inverter Automatically Changes to Battery Mode.

During Rainy and Cloudy Days When the Power Generation Is Less, The Appliances in The Home Will Run on Direct Grid Power. Also, Some Solar Inverters Come with An Option So You Can Whether the Battery Should Be Charged with Solar Power Only or Both Solar and Grid Power.

We Would Suggest to Minimum opt for 0.5kw Solar System for Homes

Recommended Solar Capacity for Homes

500 Watts Solar PV System – 750 To1500 Sq. Ft. Homes

1kw Solar PV System – 1550 To2000 Sq. Ft. Homes

1.5kw To 3kw Solar PV System – 2000 To3500 Sq. Ft. Homes

3kw To 5kw Solar PV System – Above 3500 Sq. Ft. Homes

*The Capacity Of Solar PV System May Vary By Usage Of Appliances

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